Dreams of My Heart

The Reluctant Bride Series by Barbara J. Scott

Can a reluctant bride and her new husband fall in love despite their wounded hearts?

Plucky Irish immigrant Kate O’Brien struggles to hang on to her brother’s homestead after his death in a suspicious cattle stampede. If she’s unable to pay off the loan that paid for her ticket to America, she will be forced to marry the banker’s rogue son, Rafe Hamilton.

When Kate is attacked by a drunken gang, salvation comes in the form of a total stranger—Texas cattleman Buck McKean. He drives the men off her ranch and spends the night in her cabin to keep her safe. However, his act of kindness poses a profound threat to her reputation, and the two marry to prevent the impending consequences.

Kate makes it clear to her new husband that because of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepfather, she’ll never allow another man to control her life. Left at the altar in Virginia City, Buck has made his own vow never to give his heart to another woman.

When Kate asks Buck for the unthinkable, her choice endangers both their lives. Can God mend their hearts and save their love?

[Publisher: Mountain Brook Ink – April 1, 2018]

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Walkin’ in a winter wonderland is no stroll in the park . . . 

Forget asking for a pony. Sophia Tucker and her sisters have inherited an entire horse farm for Christmas. The money from selling the place should be enough for Soph to open her own veterinary clinic. Finally.

All that’s left to do is return home for one last Christmas. But there’s a catch.

His name is Matt Weatherly, a former Marine medic and childhood friend. Nurse to her late father, Matt sets to work helping the Tucker sisters bring the family homestead back to its former glory. However, it’s anything but peace on earth when Matt considers reenlisting. Is it possible for Soph to have herself a merry little Christmas?

[Publisher: Gilead Publishing – October 2017]

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Sleigh Bells Ring

by Barbara J. Scott, Sandra D. Bricker, Lynette Sowell, Lenora Worth

Four authors bring together four compelling and charming stories of four very different sisters on the verge of important decisions. Each hopeful and sweetly romantic tale reinforces the power of family, prayer, and faith. Each novella moves through lighthearted moments as well as introspective ones, offering a balance that maintains interest while taking the family issues seriously. Writing is usually a solitary act, but reader-favorite authors (and friends) Sandra D. Bricker, Barbara J. Scott, Lynette Sowell, and Lenora Worth got a happy Christmas miracle when invited to work together on Sleigh Bells Ring.

[Publisher: Gilead Publishing – October 2016]

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Sedona Storm

by Barbara Scott & Carrie Younce

Against the arid azure sky, darkness was gathering. Seen by no human eye, making no detectable sound, the culprits of hell assembled above the red desert floor of Sedona.” So begins the spiritual battle among the red rocks of Sedona. Christine McKay has spent a lifetime honing her skills as a reporter and becoming an authority on the occult and New Age. But nothing could have prepared her for the terrifying evil she encounters when she investigates a ritual murder in picturesque Sedona, Arizona. Intertwined with the human story, angels and demons battle over the souls of men and women in this exciting thriller while Christine and friend John Delarosa track down the killers of a young man who was crucified upside down in a brutal sacrificial slaying.

[Publisher: Landheart Press – September 2013]

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Secrets of the Gathering Darkness

by Barbara Scott & Carrie Younce

Exploring the importance of prayer, this is a gripping story of love and determination in difficult times. Christine Delarosa has been kidnapped and is being held hostage in a desert palace by pagan cult members. A murder investigation brings Christine’s husband John closer to the group who is holding Christine hostage–will he be able to save her from the evil surrounding her?

[Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc – January 1996]

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