Do you realize Christmas is only 9 (less than 10!) weeks away? Yikes! We’re barreling toward Halloween, then we’ll be skidding past Thanksgiving, and, of course, before our food is digested, Black Friday rolls over us. Is Black Friday a holiday now? Don’t be surprised when they add it to the calendar.  Who are those people who get up at 3 a.m. to stampede into Walmart and every mall in America?

Christmas has arrived at most retail stores from Hobby Lobby to Lowe’s Home Improvement. I heard my first Christmas carol on the radio last Sunday, and I saw my first ad on TV for some toy every kid in America MUST have under the tree.

Sigh. Where did the summer go? And Autumn? The older I get, the faster time seems to rush past me. When I was a child, the clock ticked soooo slowly. Summer lasted forever, and I even had the time to get bored. That’s when my mother would shove me out the door to go play with the neighbor kids. Or I’d retreat into a book. Ah, those were the days.

Now I’ve dug my heels in, trying to slow this runaway train, but months keep getting shorter. I think it’s because adults live under the tyranny of the clock–deadlines, choir rehearsals (only 4 or 5 more before the Christmas Cantata), shopping, planning–until the year is gone and we’re making resolutions for 2018.

Since we’re all trying to steer our raft through the whitewater of that rushing river called time, we might as well enjoy the ride instead of screaming, “We’re all gonna die!”

Have you ever thought about why civilization wove cliches into our lexicon (vocabulary)? It’s shorthand. When someone says, “Stop and smell the roses,” we know it means to enjoy life rather than burrowing through a dark hole like a blind mole bent on finding another grub to eat. Eww!

I, for one, vow to step outside at least once a day, no matter whether it’s broiling hot or snowing, and “smell the roses” until the Lord takes me home.

Shameless Self-Promotion Alert: In the book publishing world, Christmas has already arrived. My novella, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, releasing  in e-book form October 24, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  (Originally published in the Sleigh Bells Ring novella collection October 2016). It will put you in the Christmas spirit and reminds us all why we celebrate this sacred holiday–the birth of the Christ child in Bethlehem and the importance of love, forgiveness, and hope. Merry Christmas!

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