I had a really interesting conversation with my new webmaster a few days ago about blogging. I moaned–loudly–when she told me to start blogging again. “Why? Why? Why? Nobody reads it! Nobody has time to read everyone’s blog these days! And, besides, who cares about what I have to say?”

Then she informed me that Google rates your website by how often you change or add new content, and that includes blogging two or three times a week. Who knew? That means when someone searches for your name, your book, your whatever, it moves you up in the search results. I mean, really, I never search through the second or third page of results on Google. I mean…never.

I still groaned a lot. Who has time to blog three or more times a week and still write a book? Blogs don’t have to be long, she says. Two or three paragraphs will do. “You mean, I don’t have to write 600 words or more?” Nope, she says.

Then we talked about my God-given gift…not just writing or editing or speaking. What revs your engine? Gives you passion?
“Well…I love to encourage people.” Then do that, she says.

“You mean, write a couple of paragraphs to inspire and encourage people to keep moving, even when they’re slogging through the mud of life?” Uh, yeah. Oh. I can do that.

So, I’ll start blogging again. Maybe I’ll start small with a paragraph a day. Would you read a blog that was only a paragraph long?